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Testimonianze dei clienti dalla Gran Bretagna

Just to confirm that replacement labels received today and they're great - thank you. I often think the true test of a company's customer service is how they handle it when things go wrong or they get feedback that's not positive. I think I've had excellent customer service in getting the replacement labels which means I'll probably stick with your company in the future. Ms A Corp.

Dear labels for kids,I know that you may not be the cheapest supplier of name tags etcetera, but your tags are by far the best I've ever bought. My autistic son loves his back pack tags, his spider games kit bag and his Lego brick key ring. To see him happy makes me glad that I bought these products from you. Regards Lynn Jackson.

Thank you very much for your email. I would like to thank you for your first class customer service and your help and assistance with the labels. It really is very much appreciated. We certainly need more "Sarahs" in this world!  Many thanks once again.

"I lived in Switzerland and now live in Australia. I always bought from you in Switzerland and send to relatives in Germany also. Now I live in Australia there are a number of labelling companies here and I have tried many of them but I find your products far superior to anything on the market, your service outstanding and your product range the best. I will continue to buy from you and cannot wait for you to open a franchise in Australia. I will spread the word!” Mrs Birke, Sydney, Australia.

I have ordered from you because of the extreme difficulty I encountered attempting to order from xxx company. You are to be congratulated on producing a website that is the essence of clarity, a godsend for one who will be 90 next year and not exactly computer literate. Kind regards and thanks. T. W Turner.

Do you remember my recent order for shipping to Morocco? Well the labels ordered have now arrived and we are very pleased with them. The quality of the sewn-on tags and the stick-on labels is very good indeed. Exactly what is required for my boy's clothing to be both clearly and invisibly identified. Peter & Issmail.

I thought I would e-mail you to say the personalised gym bags I ordered for my girls are fantastic. They are delighted with their names being on them. Lisa Hunt, West Lothian.

Thank you very much for your prompt response. In fact, this is not the first time I ordered labels for my kids from your organisation and I must add that your service has been very impressive so far. It is always lovely to come across a well run business, and particularly when it comes to anything to do with children and relevant supplies. I certainly hope to continue ordering from your company. I heard about it from a friend and I fully intend to continue spreading the good word. Mrs Maclean, Jersey, Channel Islands.

White iron on name tagsarrived yesterday. They are great! Got busy ironing them on to my grandchildren's gear for next school year. Brilliant product! Many thanks. Mrs Hammond, Surrey.

I just want to write to let you use my testimonial if it helps other mums, especially as they don't have to keep searching the internet for other name tapes...theseOriginal iron on or sew on labels actually stay on and look beautiful. I am a mum of 5 kids, 2 of school age and 3 younger ones. I put your original iron on or sew on labels in my kids clothes last year and the year before and ironed them on. I wash their white school tops at 90 degrees, others on 50 degrees, your labels have never come off! I also blast them through the tumble dryer and again, no probs at all with the labels. In fact, I have already ordered these labels for my next 2 kids going to school, and I shall order the 5th kids labels soon. Many thanks. It really does help to have good labels, easy, ready to use, and easily identifiable. Sorting through kids school clothes when they wear the same size and colour is so much easier as the labels are printed in different colours! Mrs Atkinson.

My woven sew on labels for nursing homearrived today, and they are absolutely PERFECT! They are just what I needed to keep my Mother's clothing identified at the nursing home. Sewn on...they will be permanent for sure. Mrs Pummer, Florida, USA.

I just wanted to say thanks for the recent Starter Vinyl Pack that I ordered. It arrived quickly and the labels are great - very useful selection, especially because my son's name has 16 letters and many other companies I looked at could not fit it on in full. I had ordered a similar pack from another company (Cash's) and when they arrived it was just my son's initial and surname which I didn't think he'd be able to recognize so I was really pleased to discover labels4kids. And I really like that they can have a picture which not just makes it more fun but makes it even easier to recognize their things when they are little. With your labels, he has his full name and a picture, which is great for a 4-year-old just starting schoolI'll definitely be ordering again! Mrs Goldsmith, Ipswich, Suffolk.

Your shoe labels are great! I put my daughter's trainers in the washing machine today and they came out completely in tact. I'm impressed! Elaine Machray, Stirling.

Woven sew on labels : Just wanted to say thank you - great service, really quick, and the labesl are super! Mrs C McCurley, Dundee, Angus.

Press and click name tags, Id wristbands Just wanted to say thank you very much for the name labels...They are exactly what I wanted (especially the Scouts' iron on labels) and I'm really impressed with the speed and efficiency with which the order was processed. The id wristbands actually fit round my husband's wrist, so I suspect his Scouts might be wearing some spares when they go on their trip to go with their economy iron on name tapes. It's been a pleasure doing business with you and you're definately on my PREFERRED SUPPLIER list now. As Division Arts Advisor for Girlguiding in our area, I'll be spreading the word: when the rest of the leaders see what my girls will be sporting at the Division Pack Holiday, I hope you'll be getting some more orders!

Small vinyl labels, woven sew on labels, mini viny labels, id wristbandsand customer service: Thanks for the delivery. Really fast service and the stickers / labels look great! I was pleased that you did both woven labels and stickers as other sites only seemed to do one - therefore two postage costs etc. Well done! Wendy Brown, Warwickshire.

I wanted to say how impressed I was with your service. I placed an order 3pm on Friday 10th April (Good Friday) and I received the order the very next morning! Thank you very much. I will definitely use you again and recommmend you. Mrs S Harvey, West Bromich.

Customer Name: Mrs M Dubman, MO, USA, Right foot labels
Hi, I recently ordered two sets of Right Foot Labels. They are adorable! My kids love them. Thanks.

Customer Name: Mrs S Harrison
Thanks or the super quick replacments. Excellent service.

Customer Name: Heather Stevenson, refashionedwithlove.com, Woven sew on labels
Just to say I've received the labels and they are perfect for my needs. Thanks for the fantastic turnaround time too. Didn't expect to have them so quickly. Hope to place orders with you in the future...your labels are very suitable for other craftspeople. I know I struggled to get labels at a reasonable price for small quantities. Large commercial textile labelling companies are obviously not that interested in small quantities and often craftspeople only want small numbers of labels at a time. Could be a new market there. Often we want labels stating "handmade by" and the name or company . Hobbyists doing fabric crafts also sometimes like to label their work before they gift it to friends or even sell a little. It appears in the current economic climate crafts are on the upsurge. Thanks for your help.

Customer Name: Maria Pia Galea, Malta, Labels4kidsall products
Thank you for your quick response, and reaction to my e-mail. I do understand that these things can happen, and I have never had problems with your ordering system before. Furthermore I always recommend them to all my friends here in Malta ( I work in a school) as your products are far superior and more practical than those of other sites. With thanks and best regards from Malta.

Customer Name: Mrs Kilbane, Surrey, Personalised bag tagsand vinyl labelsvarious sizes
The popular vinyl labelsand small vinyl labelsand the personalised bag tagswere received safely thank you. They are of great quality! 

Customer Name: Mrs Gardner, Hampshire, Economy iron on name tapes for clothing
Thank you so much for sending the other labels to me. I've no idea what I was doing wrong when applying my original iron on or sew on labels....however I do prefer the economy iron on name tapes for clothing and I am really impressed and grateful for your help in sorting out the problem and then getting them done again so very quickly for us. Kind regards.

Customer Name: Vanessa, Time for Tots Magazine, Kettering, Northants
I've finally got round to ordering some name labels for my children and just wanted to say I think the new site looks great and I found it very quick and easy to use. It took me no time at all to find what I wanted and then proceed through the ordering and payment steps. I hope things are going well for you.

Customer Name: Mrs Briggs, Stirling, Vinyl Labelsand Your Presentation To Business Gateway Scotland
Thank you for an inspiring presentation on e-commerce to Business Gateway in Scotland last week. So good to know it can be done at the same time as juggling family commitments...and also some useful information on e-commerce. I came to the meeting solely as you were giving the talk. I bought personalised vinyl labels from your company for the first time 4 years ago without knowing anything about your company I just thought "so glad someone has actually gone ahead and made a business out of this necessity!" Whenever I need more name labels I have always come back to your website to buy them. Your vinyl labels have outlived many of my son's drinking bottles' time in the dishwasher! All the best.

Customer Name: Miss Colwill, Berkshire, Vinyl shoe labelsand Original Iron on or sew on labels
Thank you for an excellent service. I am very pleased with my vinyl shoe labels, they are clear and easy to read even with the addition of my mobile number on the 2nd line. I am as always delighted with my original iron on or sew on labels ... I will recommend you to the parents I come into contact with, I can honestly say I have been waiting for the original iron on or sew on labels to be produced again in the spring as having tried several other products, yours have proved themselves superior in every way which is why I have ordered 150 this time. It is refreshing to do business with a company who have the ethics and efficiency of yours. Thanks again and best regards.

Customer Name: Mrs Flooks , Wakefield, Economy Iron on Name Tapes For Clothes
I received the above order yesterday – I would like to say many thanks. I ordered the items on Tuesday and they were delivered promptly. I am very pleased with the quality of the name tapes, the speed and ease of ordering and I would certainly recommend you to others. People are only too quick to complain and very rarely give praise where praise is deserved !

Customer Name: Mrs Wheatcroft,Original Iron on or Sew on Labels
The labels have just arrived and I am delighted. They are perfect, to such as extent that I am just about to place another order for my youngest son who is beginning nursery next week. Thank you so much. I certainly will recommend your company.

Customer Name: Cheryl Wilde, Starter Vinyl Packand Woven Sew on labels
All the labels are lovely and I look forward to ordering more. My nephew is thrilled! In fast they are so nice I may even have to get some for his Aunty Cheryl!

Customer Name: Jane Wainwright, Mini Vinyl labels and Starter Vinyl Pack
Thank you for a hassle-free no-need-to-chase-up delivery of exactly what I was looking for when google sent me in your direction. Am sure the other parents will be so impressed. I will have no problem passing on your recommendation cards!

Customer Name: Lucy from Wales,Vinyl Labels
I bought some vinyl labels about 2 months ago to label my climbing gear. All my friends think they are great and are amazed at how good they are. The labels are hard wearing and pretty. Brilliant thanks!

My vinyl labels and personalised gym bags have arrived and are beautiful. Isobel loves them and they are all just what she wanted. Will be passing on the details to nursery and hope they go for the fundraising pack as my local one isn't involved and I really think they should be! Lovely stuff. We are so pleased! Sarah, Gloucestershire.

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